Aksoy International

Originated in 1983 as an international marketing and logistics company, Aksoy International is the umbrella organization of Aksoy Ventures in the international trade sector. Today, Aksoy International is involved in the international trade and supply services with a special focus on the lubricant distributorship, commodity trade, entrepreneurial development, aerospace and defence industry in MENA Region, Caspian and Central Asian markets.

Operated under Aksoy International’s control and coordination, Aksoy Middle East is the macro distributor of several globally recognized lubricants brands including Shell lubricants in Iraq, Gazpromneft lubricants in Iraq and Syria, Rosneft lubricants in 8 countries (Algeria, Tunisia, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Libya), Hyundai Oilbank and Aminol lubricants in MENA countries.

Aksoy International aims to seek new opportunities and partnerships worldwide to expand its operations.

With its subsidiaries, Aksoy International employs approx. 150 people in Turkey and Iraq with an annual turnover of ca. 30 Million USD.


Erdal AKSOY 29.00%


S. Batu AKSOY 23.60%

Aksoy Girişimcilik Enerji ve Turizm A.Ş. 21.10%

A. Belkis AKSOY 2.60%

Erol AKSOY 0.10%