Commodity Trade

Since its establishment, Aksoy International has carved out its strategies to achieve sustainable and profitable growth on 3 main categories; Petrolium Derivatives, Precious Metals and Food.

Petrolium Derivatives

Aksoy International has gained a unique expertise in petrolium products trading over the years and offering a wide range of products with competitive price.

  • Crude Oil
  • Light Distillates: LPG, Gasoline
  • Middle Distillates: Diesel, Jet Fuel
  • Heavy Distillates
  • LNG
  • Bitumen
  • Petrochemicals: Ethylene, Propylene, Benzene, Toluene and Xylene
  • Additivies: Oxygenates such as alcohols (methanol, ethanol), Ethers (such as MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether), ETBE (ethyl tertiary butyl ether), TAME (tertiary amyl methyl ether), Esters (e.g. rapeseed or dimethylester, etc.), Chemical compounds (such as TML, TEL and detergents).

Precious Metals Trading

Aksoy International has diversified its business by operating a growing portfolio in a wide spectrum of precious metals.

  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Nickel
  • Lead
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Iron Ore

Food Trading

Aksoy International is also active in trade and supply chain management of agricultural commodities. Benefiting a strategic location and solid partnership background with global brands, Aksoy International provides best products and services through combining excellent logistics, financial skills, risk management with competitive pricing strategy.